For our pizza sauce and the base of our marinara sauce, we use San Marzano DOP tomatoes. They grow at the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius, where highly fertile soil from volcanic ashes produces the perfect tomato for sauces. Low water content and a much reduced seed-to-tomato ratio creates a beautifully sweet fruit.


Our buffalo mozzarella is imported from Campania, Southern Italy. This cheese is DOP meaning that it is protected to the highest standards and can only come from two specific areas - Caserta and Battipaglia. Our Grana Padano (hard cheese) is also DOP and our fiordilatte (fresh cow's milk mozzarella) is cut by hand.


Our dough is made using the finest '00' flour and fermented with our very own sourdough starter that we have kept alive since 2012. We prove our dough for 72 hours and bake between 60 and 90 seconds. This gives a range of textures and flavours only found in true pizza Napoletana!